Thailand snacks are as diverse, flavorful, and delightful as its traditional dishes. Whether you are looking for something sweet, salty, sour, spicy, or any combination of flavors you want to try, here are some of the best treats you need to try when visiting the country.

Durian chips
This fruit with a spiky exterior is notorious for its smell, which makes some people avoid it at all cost. Despite its reputation, the fruit is actually delicious with a soft and creamy texture. If you can’t stand to eat it fresh, you can try the durian chips which is quite popular for locals and tourists alike.

Tomyum anchovies
The grilled Tomyum anchovies can be addictive. So you might want to buy a few extras in case you start craving for more.

Kra ya sart
Kra ya sart is a crispy and chewy treat made with rice puffed rice, peanuts, sesame seeds and flavored with sugar and coconut milk.

Peanut snacks
You can find a lot of crispy peanut snacks that come in a wide array of flavors. Watch out for brands like Koh Kae Peanut Snacks, especially the shrimp flavor.

Pitted Thai longans
Dried pitted Thai longans are delicious and healthy snacks that you can pair with tea. Some people enjoy it with soups or eaten on its own.

Seaweed strips
Seaweed lovers will love brands like Big Sheet with its individually wrapped treats. You can take your pick of flavors like the original, cheese, and seafood among others.

Thai coconut roll
Coconut is one of the main ingredients in many Thai dishes so you can expect that you can also find it in the country’s popular snacks. Crumbly and tasty, the Thai coconut roll is a sugary treat made with coconut milk and other ingredients.