Worried? Stressed? Mentally exhausted? Then try painting or traveling!


Painting has a healing power for those battling with stress. Deadlines might cause you anxiety, but don’t worry, because HVLP paint spraying can reduce your stress levels and enhance your total mental health at the same time.

Painting can be an outlet; it can help people release negative emotions in exchange for positive ones (more of this later). It’s an activity that can help you comprehend your current emotional state. Painting is a pleasant experience that relaxes the mind, which supports complements the healing and recovering process you’re going through. No wonder therapists recommend painting as a treatment path!

At the same time, traveling can be stress-relieving because it allows you to recharge your mental batteries. In fact, a study discovered that people who take vacays a lot are less likely to be tired, tensed, and depressed. They’re even more satisfied with their careers and love life.

Promotes positivity


Painting releases the feel-good hormones in the body, giving you the chance to receive a positive emotional reaction from what you’re doing. Painting inspires you to explore, be observant, and be creative. It improves your artistic skills and thereby allowing you to experience the feeling of accomplishment. And when you feel that you’ve completed something, that boosts your self-esteem, lessening the pessimistic emotions in your body.

Well, traveling is also as beneficial as painting when we talk about optimism. That’s because taking a trip can elevate the mood. According to a study conducted by the University of Surrey, people are at their happiest state when they have a vacation planned. They’re even more positive about their overall health, economic state, and quality of life. To boot, a study by Cornell University discovered that people become happier when expecting a travel experience compared to anticipating a purchase of a new possession.

Lengthens patience


When traveling, one has to be patient enough to go through delays, the airport security, the accidents, and other stuff. Looking for a decent place to stay can be stressful, but it extends one’s patience. All in all, even if you encounter mishaps while traveling, your character will be improved because you’ll learn to be more patient.

Painters also have to be forbearing. After all, an artwork needs time to be a masterpiece. Even if you’re just spray painting a room, you still have to be patient to leave it to dry before you can use the area.

Painting and traveling have the power to re-energize the mind, helping it recover from bad experiences and helping you be better and feel whole.