Want to level up your life? Well, aside from getting tech gadgets like a weed eater that can improve your house (visit http://www.techweez.com/2018/02/19/tech-gadgets-decor/), you can also level up by exploring handyman tools! These tools will enhance the look of your home, make you a more knowledgeable and skilled person, and will help you level up in life!

Here are the handyman tools that can change the game:

Utility Knife

folding-utility-knifeAlmost all DIY projects need this tool. And when we speak of exploration, there’s no better way to explore the things around you than through do-it-yourself home improvement projects. This knife doesn’t just open boxes; it can trim the edges of an old carpet as well, cut plastic sheets, and more! This tool has much to offer, and discovering its uses isn’t difficult at all.


Also known as a putty knife, this flexible tool can scrape old and flaky glue (or paint) away. It can even be used to spread spackle to cover up those hideous scratches and holes in your walls.

Claw Hammer

Another tool you should explore is that claw hammer. This thing can drive nails in and pull them out. It can serve as a crowbar as well when you need it to. It’s a multifunctional handyman tool that has many uses. The ones with a synthetic handle are even durable!

Crescent Spanner


This familiar tool is a must-have. This spanner comes with an adjustable head that can fit every pipe and nut joint inside your house. Yes, I’m honest. It can repair your bike and undo the U-bend under your sink. It can even be used to pick up something you dropped down the drain. I won’t tell the other uses. You have to discover them yourself!


The jigsaw is one versatile handyman tool you’ll be glad to explore. It has wonders you probably can’t even count using the ten fingers you have. It can cut intricate shapes, perfect for making stencils. It can cut through wood, ceramic tile, carpet, concrete, and metal. That fact alone makes it exciting to explore, doesn’t it? The jigsaw is even kid-friendly (as long as the kids are under supervision). They can also cut your pumpkins for Halloween! What you’ll love about this tool is it’s straightforward and ready to be used out of the box. There are even cordless models available, which means you can take them anywhere around the house without having to worry about whether there is a power outlet.

Oscillating Tool


The last one on the list of our worthy to explore handyman tools is the well-known oscillating tool, also called the multitool. This baby can make plunge cuts easily; make flush cuts in drywall, wood, and metal; be used as an orbital sander; remove caulk and grout; and strip, peel, and scrape. It’s one of the tools you’ll never get tired of exploring, especially if you’re dedicated to improving the appearance of your house now and then.