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Exploring Handyman Tools

Want to level up your life? Well, aside from getting tech gadgets like a weed eater that can improve your house (visit, you can also level up by exploring handyman tools! These tools will enhance the look of your home, make you a more knowledgeable and skilled person, and will help you level up in life!

Here are the handyman tools that can change the game:

Utility Knife

folding-utility-knifeAlmost all DIY projects need this tool. And when we speak of exploration, there’s no better way to explore the things around you than through do-it-yourself home improvement projects. This knife doesn’t just open boxes; it can trim the edges of an old carpet as well, cut plastic sheets, and more! This tool has much to offer, and discovering its uses isn’t difficult at all.


Also known as a putty knife, this flexible tool can scrape old and flaky glue (or paint) away. It can even be used to spread spackle to cover up those hideous scratches and holes in your walls.

Claw Hammer

Another tool you should explore is that claw hammer. This thing can drive nails in and pull them out. It can serve as a crowbar as well when you need it to. It’s a multifunctional handyman tool that has many uses. The ones with a synthetic handle are even durable!

Crescent Spanner


This familiar tool is a must-have. This spanner comes with an adjustable head that can fit every pipe and nut joint inside your house. Yes, I’m honest. It can repair your bike and undo the U-bend under your sink. It can even be used to pick up something you dropped down the drain. I won’t tell the other uses. You have to discover them yourself!


The jigsaw is one versatile handyman tool you’ll be glad to explore. It has wonders you probably can’t even count using the ten fingers you have. It can cut intricate shapes, perfect for making stencils. It can cut through wood, ceramic tile, carpet, concrete, and metal. That fact alone makes it exciting to explore, doesn’t it? The jigsaw is even kid-friendly (as long as the kids are under supervision). They can also cut your pumpkins for Halloween! What you’ll love about this tool is it’s straightforward and ready to be used out of the box. There are even cordless models available, which means you can take them anywhere around the house without having to worry about whether there is a power outlet.

Oscillating Tool


The last one on the list of our worthy to explore handyman tools is the well-known oscillating tool, also called the multitool. This baby can make plunge cuts easily; make flush cuts in drywall, wood, and metal; be used as an orbital sander; remove caulk and grout; and strip, peel, and scrape. It’s one of the tools you’ll never get tired of exploring, especially if you’re dedicated to improving the appearance of your house now and then.


Exploring Commendable Sights with Your Spotter Scope

Celestron-52252Going to a different town? Visiting a new place? Those two aren’t actually the real questions since almost every single one of us have the chance to travel once in a while, if not always. The real question is: Should you bring a spotting scope?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s a big Y-E-S.

And here are the reasons why you should bring one on your next travel:

Easier spotting

This is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Spotting scopes are excellent travel companions because you can quickly spot what you’re looking for in a town, may it be a building, a shop, or a restaurant. Spotting scopes are made to give you high-quality images that will allow you to find what you’re looking for. It removes the need to go near several buildings that look alike. With a scope as portable as a spotter scope, you can zoom in easily. Because let’s be completely honest here, not all of us can work with digital maps. Spotting scopes are also perfect travel partners because they’re lightweight—you can bring them anywhere and handle them with ease. Storage won’t be an issue as well.

Watching birds

Celestron-52252Take a good look at the feathers of the bird through a quality spotting scope! Birdwatchers love observing birds with their favorite spotter scope and a proper tripod. It’s a great pastime. Others observe because of work while others do it as a hobby. Spotting scopes are excellent at providing state-of-the-art magnification, allowing you to watch a bird’s face, claws, and beak closely. It’s a fun activity even for children. Seeing their beauty with a scope will make your travel a lot more entertaining.

Observing other animals

Aside from birds, you could also observe tons of other animals thanks to a spotting scope. Travels mostly include exhibition shows or going to the zoo. You may even have the opportunity to visit a forest. A spotting scope will come in handy whenever you wish to take a closer look at the animals you’re trying to watch. This tool is even a lot more beneficial when you’re far away from the animals you’re trying to check out. A lot of people will be envious of your scope too because they’ll realize that they didn’t make that wise decision you made—bringing a spotting scope when traveling.

Enjoying the beauty of nature


Take a look at the magnificence of the moon, the ocean, the skies, and the setting sun with your spotting scope when you’re in another place! The sun might be the same, but the experience would be a lot better. Enjoy the glory of nature with a spotter scope in your hand.

Watching live shows or games

Were you able to have the opportunity to attend a live game or show, but then you’re not fortunate enough to be seated in front? Then here’s some good news: a spotting scope is always ready to save you! With it, you can still see what’s happening on the stage or down that basketball court.


The Healing Powers of Traveling and Painting

Worried? Stressed? Mentally exhausted? Then try painting or traveling!


Painting has a healing power for those battling with stress. Deadlines might cause you anxiety, but don’t worry, because HVLP paint spraying can reduce your stress levels and enhance your total mental health at the same time.

Painting can be an outlet; it can help people release negative emotions in exchange for positive ones (more of this later). It’s an activity that can help you comprehend your current emotional state. Painting is a pleasant experience that relaxes the mind, which supports complements the healing and recovering process you’re going through. No wonder therapists recommend painting as a treatment path!

At the same time, traveling can be stress-relieving because it allows you to recharge your mental batteries. In fact, a study discovered that people who take vacays a lot are less likely to be tired, tensed, and depressed. They’re even more satisfied with their careers and love life.

Promotes positivity


Painting releases the feel-good hormones in the body, giving you the chance to receive a positive emotional reaction from what you’re doing. Painting inspires you to explore, be observant, and be creative. It improves your artistic skills and thereby allowing you to experience the feeling of accomplishment. And when you feel that you’ve completed something, that boosts your self-esteem, lessening the pessimistic emotions in your body.

Well, traveling is also as beneficial as painting when we talk about optimism. That’s because taking a trip can elevate the mood. According to a study conducted by the University of Surrey, people are at their happiest state when they have a vacation planned. They’re even more positive about their overall health, economic state, and quality of life. To boot, a study by Cornell University discovered that people become happier when expecting a travel experience compared to anticipating a purchase of a new possession.

Lengthens patience


When traveling, one has to be patient enough to go through delays, the airport security, the accidents, and other stuff. Looking for a decent place to stay can be stressful, but it extends one’s patience. All in all, even if you encounter mishaps while traveling, your character will be improved because you’ll learn to be more patient.

Painters also have to be forbearing. After all, an artwork needs time to be a masterpiece. Even if you’re just spray painting a room, you still have to be patient to leave it to dry before you can use the area.

Painting and traveling have the power to re-energize the mind, helping it recover from bad experiences and helping you be better and feel whole.

How LED Grow Lights Can Affect the Taste of Marijuana Plants

Did you know that terpene production is needed to develop the taste of smell and taste in cannabis plants? The production of terpene, however, can only happen if the plant is exposed to the sun.

Well, that’s if you lived decades before. Nowadays, LED grow lights can do the trick. These lights cover a wider spectrum of light, enabling your marijuana plant to produce more terpene. Isn’t that impressive?

But these aren’t rumors. Recent studies have revealed that LED grow lights can make plants and food taste better compared to when they’re exposed to HID lights. There have been various studies, but we’ll give you the six most essential ones to prove our point.

Study #1


In 2011, Japanese researchers issued a scientific study about the efficiency of blue light. The study showed that there was an increase in antioxidant levels in Valencia orange, Satsuma mandarin, and Lisbon lemon when they were exposed to blue light.

Study #2

Researchers from Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture have experimented with the different varieties of tomato with varying intensities of light. They found that other tomato varieties which given additional light from LED grow lights comprised up to twice as much vitamin C compared to the tomatoes which weren’t exposed to LEDs.

Study #3

advance-spectrum-led-grow-lights-cannabisUniversity of Florida researchers also discovered that post-harvest food which was kept in reserve under LED grow lights improved in flavor and appearance.

Study #4

Another research from the University of Florida, conducted by Thomas Colquhoun in 2013 proved how LEDs could be used to improve food taste. In his study, he demonstrated that the volatile fruit profiles of strawberry, blueberry, and tomato could be controlled with specified light treatments. Volatiles are those chemicals released by a fruit that enables you to taste and smell it. These characteristics are essential in supplying flavor to produce.

Study #5


A research team from Vilnius University, Lithuania also performed a study about LED grow lights. In their research, they discovered that pre-harvest LED light treatment improved the antioxidant and nutritional properties of some green veggies.

Study #6

The extra LED-lighting received by dill and parsley in another study proved that LED grow lights can increase the number of carbohydrates and vitamin C to plants. This study, which was also conducted in Vilnius University, Lithuania, showed that LED grow lights can also improve the activity of a nitrate-reducing enzyme.

I’m pretty sure you’re persuaded. But in case you’re not yet convinced, here are the other 7 reasons why you should switch from HID to LED for your indoor cannabis plants.

Some of the Best Thailand Snacks You Need to Try

Thailand snacks are as diverse, flavorful, and delightful as its traditional dishes. Whether you are looking for something sweet, salty, sour, spicy, or any combination of flavors you want to try, here are some of the best treats you need to try when visiting the country.

Durian chips
This fruit with a spiky exterior is notorious for its smell, which makes some people avoid it at all cost. Despite its reputation, the fruit is actually delicious with a soft and creamy texture. If you can’t stand to eat it fresh, you can try the durian chips which is quite popular for locals and tourists alike.

Tomyum anchovies
The grilled Tomyum anchovies can be addictive. So you might want to buy a few extras in case you start craving for more.

Kra ya sart
Kra ya sart is a crispy and chewy treat made with rice puffed rice, peanuts, sesame seeds and flavored with sugar and coconut milk.

Peanut snacks
You can find a lot of crispy peanut snacks that come in a wide array of flavors. Watch out for brands like Koh Kae Peanut Snacks, especially the shrimp flavor.

Pitted Thai longans
Dried pitted Thai longans are delicious and healthy snacks that you can pair with tea. Some people enjoy it with soups or eaten on its own.

Seaweed strips
Seaweed lovers will love brands like Big Sheet with its individually wrapped treats. You can take your pick of flavors like the original, cheese, and seafood among others.

Thai coconut roll
Coconut is one of the main ingredients in many Thai dishes so you can expect that you can also find it in the country’s popular snacks. Crumbly and tasty, the Thai coconut roll is a sugary treat made with coconut milk and other ingredients.

Why You Should Explore Places More Often

exploring places and beyond

Believe it or not, there’s something about exploring places that will make a person want to do it over and over again.

You see, it’s not just about seeing things you’ve never seen before. You also see, it’s not just about experiencing things you’ve never experienced before.

Exploring places is about the journey itself.

It’s about learning more about a place’s rich history. It’s about knowing more about a place’s vibrant culture.

Most of all, exploring places will:

Make You Realize The Importance Of Nature

All those things you’ve never seen before and all those things you’ve never experienced before, as well as the cool air blowing on your face and the warm sun shining on your body – all are provided by nature this whole time. Thus, exploring places will make us realize the importance of nature – its role in everyplace we go and its role in everything we do.

Make You Realize The Importance Of Life

Let’s face it. The only time most people get to take a break is after filing for a vacation leave at work. Thus, exploring places will make us realize the importance of life – not just when we take a break from the hustle and bustle of our city lives, but also when we take a break with the peace and calm of our country lives.

Indeed, there’s something about exploring places that will make a person want to do it over and over again.

And you’ll never know. You might end up looking at some of the best neighborhoods to live in London permanently as you start a new kind of chapter in your life. And you’ll also never know. You might end up finding out some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Edinburgh indefinitely as you start a new kind of adventure in your life.

Do you know any other reasons why one should explore places more often?

Let us know in the comments section below!

5 Must-Do Things When in London

Choosing which places to visit among London’s mindboggling array of attractions can be a challenge for tourists who want to see as much as they can of the city. With so many iconic landmarks and places to go not to mention the wealth of art, culture, and food attractions, it would be easy to miss out on a lot of must-experiences. If you only have a limited time to explore, here are some of the things to do that should be on top of your list when in London.

Go for a stroll from Piccadilly Circus to Buckingham Palace
Piccadilly Circus
Hit two birds with one stone by walking from Piccadilly Circus to the Buckingham Palace – two of London’s famous attractions. Enjoy the vibrant vibe at the Piccadilly Circus with its busy roads and constant buzz of activities. The area is also home to several restaurants and shopping destinations. Keep walking towards the Buckingham Palace to see the home of Queen Elizabeth II. If you are visiting during the summer, you may even get to sign up for the tour of the palace.

Eat fish and chips at The Rock & Sole Plaice
The Rock & Sole Plaice
Fish and chips is one of London’s iconic foods and a trip to the city seems incomplete without having one. There is no dearth of food stalls and restaurants serving delicious fish and chips. But if you find yourself somewhere in the vicinity of the Seven Dials in Covent Garden, head to The Rock & Sole Plaice for some great tasting fish and chips.

Visit the Borough Market
Borough Market
The Borough Market is not just popular among locals. It also draws its share of tourists who find a delightful array of food and treats. Go for lunch or wander around tasting the samples that many of the food stalls offer.

See the amazing collections and exhibits at the British Museum
British Museum
The British Museum is one of the city’s top attractions. Admission to the museum is free. Its impressive architecture is just one of the many things that make a visit here worth your time. Home to some of the greatest collection of antiquities, artworks, and artifacts in the world, the British Museum makes for an interesting and educational experience when in London.

Take a tour of the Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is a stunning and awe-inspiring medieval church that has seen its share of historic events like coronations. It is also boasts of numerous attractions beyond its spectacular architecture. The Poets’ Corner is a book lovers’ must-see. It is where world-renowned authors like Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer are buried. Other top attractions include the Cloisters and the Nave and the Royal Tombs among others.

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